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Life Members

Members At Large

Larry Abney.jpg
Bill Atchison.jpg
Tim Audette.jpg
Tim Audette

Bobby Clemmons

Life Member

Buddy Hewgley
Harold Broughton.JPG
Harold Broughton
Mike Bruce.jpg
Mike Bruce
Vickie Bruce.jpg
Vickie Bruce
David Carroll
Bob Cote
Billy Dodd.JPG

Billy Dodd

Jonnie Frankklin.jpg

Jonnie Franklin

Gary Gilpatrick.JPG
Gary Gilpatrick
Bill George.jpg

Bill George

Randy Gleckler.jpg
Randy Gleckler
Cheryl Iorio.jpg
Cheryl Iorio
Gary Crew.JPG
Gary Grew
Gail Hagenbach
Charles Jennings.jpg
Charles Jennings
Vince Grilley.jpg
Vince Grilley
John Hise.jpg
John Hise
Alex Horony.jpg
Alex Horony
Dennis Johnson.jpg
Dennis Johnson
Bob Kohle.jpg
Bob Kohle
Chet Lesh.JPG
Chet Lesh
Ray MacDonald
Bruce Manning.jpg
Bruce Manning
Mike Mattera.jpg
Mike Mattera
Tom McCoy.JPG
Thomas McCoy
Buzz Merchlewitz.JPG
Buzz Merchlewitz
Tom Neckvatal.JPG
Tom Neckvatal
Kevin Nisiewicz.jpg
Kevin Nisiewicz
Ted Pelfrey.jpg

Ted Pelfrey

Brian Peters.JPG

Brian Peters

Debora Sharpless.JPG

Debora Sharpless

Mark Sharpless.JPG

Mark Sharpless

Robert Shepherd.JPG
Robert Shepherd
Harold Schultz
Ron Solfest
Gordon Sloane.JPG
Gordon Sloane
John Stinson.JPG
Ron Solfest.JPG
Ron Solfest
Gregory Wallace.JPG
Gregory Wallace
Ken Warrick.JPG
Ken Warrick
Ralph Watson
Larry Weaver.jpg
Larry Weaver
Angela Witzel.jpg
Eric Winkler.JPG

Eric Winkler

Dale Cronauer.JPG
Bill Yhurman.jpg
Bill Thurman
Greg Wood
Paul Holman.jpg
Paul Holman
Bob Cassiadoro.jpg
Bob Cassiadoro
Terry Sproule.jpg
Terry Sproule
Phil Richter
Hank Cicutto
Ray MacDonald
Sonny Hedgren
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